2 Stroke 04 CR125 revving out at powerband

I have 04 CR125 that’s revving out once power band hits. If I putt around it’s good to go but once the powerband hits its revs up (peek rpms) and need to hit kill switch to turn off. Motor has been gone through as well as the carb several times. Absolutely stumped! The shop is thinking an electrical issue and possible CDI but unfortunately Honda discontinued that part. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated!


Staff member
Aside from a serious intake leak replicating a carburetor, you have a carburetor issue.
I would look for a sticking throttle cable or slide to carburetor body interface for binding.
Sounds like your throttle is sticking open.

If it's revving up with no power behind it, you could be running out of fuel, or leaning out badly in the carburetor.

Either way, time to check out the carburetor. Good luck! -BIG DAN:thumb: