All 007

Cool! In that case, if I can't get up, you all can take turns riding on me, like a big, fat, inner tube.:moon:

Edit: Bring on the "riding me" jokes.:P
I tried once, got up for about 5 econds then dumped it...after that I was more like a dredge :foul: I do drive a mean boat though...:thumb: Funny thing is, my wife grew up water skiing in mission bay and colo-river, I use to snow ski...bad knees. She hates snow I hate drowning so it kind of evens us out, we never go to the lake, river or mountains :cry: :thumb: :cry:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

That's how you'd have to do me.

And yes, I said "do me.":smirk:

:poke: oooo.......:smirk:actually I think if I'd EVER try water skiing again I'd have to use a garage door. We tried the big horsepower workie, arms are a little longer than they use to be but I've gotten use to it. I swear I've hit bottom before (with my ass...........)