Yz125 athena race cylinder kit

Hey guys, i have an 04 yz125 and i was wondering what i could look at getting power wise from the Athena Race Cylinder Kit from the stock top end. The kit comes with a complete new aluminum cylinder with a nickel carbide coating and wider water jackets, a new power valve assembly, complete piston kit with a forged piston with a moly coating, top End Gasket kit, 14.8:1 Compression, 54MM BORE and pretty much bolts on and you go.

Thanks, nick.
ummmm not much really I think. Its a cooler running cylinder but you can obtain that by running high quality coolant or water wetter, super cooler or engine ice.... they all work except they do freeze so you'll have to drain the coolant come winter if you live in an area that is susceptable to freezing temps.
You will gain low end torque and if yor lucky no more than a couple of ponies. One thing to be aware of if your raising the compression and bore on a tired old crank and rod you might be asking for trouble. Another thing on a BB kit you can over do it by using to high of compression on the piston. I don't know what compression your at now or alot about a smoker but 14.8 seems like alot. 2 strokes all ready have a pre detonation issue. I would be ready to use race gas or higher octane fuel than normal pump gas. Be ready to go through some jetting blues.:smirk: