250F yz big bores ?

I guess I should post this in the classifieds, but since we are on the topic

I've got forks and shock revalved by fineline for 160lb ammi off road
right side has a small nick making the seal leak, but could easily be fixed
great deal for someone who wants a custom set up but does not want to fork out the $600-800 for it
make an offer
Update. I got the new spies carb install and it does not leak:banana: So far with the eg 295 kit I may have screwed up:cry:
I have oil coming out of the stater cover.
I have spooge every where. Jetting is getting closer. 42 pilot 2.7 turns out,JD red needle 2nd clip,155 main. How lean do I go?
The bike is hard to kick even for me @ 240 lbs. My 450 is easier to kick
I get a strange noise (and missing) coming from the motor just before the power band kicks in at low throttle.
I ride with a guy that has a 265 big bore on his WR. It improved his power quite a bit and he loves it. Also sounds more BA than a 250. I personally have a 144 big bore kit from Eric Gorr, it works awesome. I highly recommend his work, he knows his stuff. Good guy too, called once to ask one question and ended up talking for near an hour just about random riding stuff.