4 Stroke Your KTM Overheat?

Besides the things I mentioned above, I would make sure that you change the coolant on a more regular basis. I run Engine Ice and it works great, but I change it out a couple times a season so it is always fresh. Thumpers are a bitch when hot to start, that is why the hot start lever. ever watch supercross when one of those bikes stall, they kick and kick. Those things get hot and don't start. On my 07 YZ450, my lever is for cold starting and not hot starting. The key is to get the kick starter at the top and have a good healthily kick through. Having long legs like I do helps. Geekster, remember are last ride when we at the hill climbs and the larger guy was struggling with that hill and then could not get his bike started? His buddy came back and kicked forever. I felt bad, so I offered my leg and one kick lit it up. just need to power through the stroke...
I do.:lol::lol: Gotta love the magic button.:thumb:
thermo switches are a pain especially if your rads dont have a bung to put one in, the KTMs do have the bung. I would use radiator zip ties from Pep boys, Kragen, etc to attach a 12v(or whatever power output your bike makes) fan to the rear of the rad without the cap on it. Then wire it with a simple on-off switch at the bar, like sold by SICASS or a KTM style ingnition curve switch. Turn it on when going slow or you know its getting hot and then turn it off when rolling again. With a thermo switch the battery will sometimes wear down and run out of juice cuz it wont shut off.