You know you are a true Dirt Bike Addict when.....

Did you know that those tracks made by the "Hillside Gougers"? For those that never heard of them they are the cows that walk around the hills creating a pathway we use for single track riding. The odd thing is that the cows can only go one way around the hill due to the inside leg being shorter thanthe outter caused by constant walking in the same direction...:prof:

AND I have a bridge to sell not far from the rez should anyone be interested...:P
I don't care who you are.......THAT is F'n funny right there!!!! Hey.....Wrong picture, it was suppose to be the readin cow!

I saw that one and changed it all around, sorry... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Original post...

Yup, he thinks reading buddy...

when you tell the cop that you just HAD to ride when they bust you for being on the street on a red sticker bike... and yet you are seriously thinking of doing it again the next day.

damm coppers got me today. I had an awesome outlaw run on the horse trails then i had about 2 blocks on a nighborhood street that is not busy at all and a cop is sitting there and i have to ride past him to get home... :busted:
When my wife tells me how much she spent at the store and I reply "That's like 3 rear tires!" or "I could have my forks redone for that!"