You know you are a true Dirt Bike Addict when.....


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When you ride your sport bike off road a 1/4 mile before you realize it's not a dirtbike....


when you have a can of WD-40, Maxima chain lude, carb cleaner, half bottle of Pennzoil 10w40, Mystic multi purpose grease, Lucas 2-stroke oil, and a bottle of DOT4 brake fluiud sitting on your dresser
You are a DBA when you go out of your way to see what kind of 2T oil the store you are in carries, get excited everytime you see a dealership, spend hours and hours thinking of ways to be faster and stay younger so you can keep riding until checkout time...
When your waiting for the track to open the gates and the track owner has to manually flag you down and kick you off the track because its time to close in the same day :prof: