You know you are a true Dirt Bike Addict when.....

Place these on your camping chair!


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funny thing, my eye was doing that last night when I got home

My wife asked what the issue was with my eye

I said"damn DBA"

She asked how school was

I said "damn DBA"

She said, "hey want to get naked under the sheets"

I said hold on I need to consult DBA

she said said why don't you marry dba

I said oh now you want to tease me

TT site is blocked from China's server

I wonder if DBA will be

If I can't get DBA when I travel over there I am coming home

my wife will say "why did you come home early, you missed me that much?'

I'l lsay "no damn china block my DBA site
when you get cold and shakey and puke because you dont have anyrace fuel and the gas station is closed:smirk:
when you think not riding will send you into DTs:lol:
when you give up going to look for a girl friend to go riding
when you meet a girl you ask her "whats you hobby" then before she can open her mouth you say "i love MX!"