You have to see this, I LOVE this kid!!

Hell yea that kid is awesome. I can only pray that my son will be that enthusiastic about dirtbikes as that kid is.
YEAH! That little guy was PUMPED!:thumb: He mighta holeshoted that too !:ride:
I think you are right. As RC would have said "super pumped." In all seriousness... that is awesome to watch a kid that excited to race/ride. Awww... to be young again.


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:lol: maybe if I got that "excited" before a start everybody would get distracted and I'd get the holeshot. :banana:
James... from the look of the pics I think your side would hurt from just about anything.
:lol: I started watching Jeff Dunham but had to stop because my side hurt to much from all the laughing.:foul:
I don't even have to watch the video to know which one it is :lol: I posted this up on facebook a couple months ago, I think that it's hilarious. Little guy is TOO pumped, more kids need to be enthusiastic like him when it comes to riding. :banana: