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In the market for a 1986 yamaha tt225 gas tank. If any one is looking to sell it’d sure help me out.89CB6295-D601-43FA-8124-5829E6B78BA1.jpeg4AAED2D8-BAC9-4258-B839-FE4D24B8E7AF.jpeg98C2F67D-D4CF-42A1-A2F9-21FA2F879F19.jpeg


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It's an 1986 Yamaha (from the VIN) TT. Not sure of the displacement, but there usually is something cast into the cylinder that may show what size it is. Might be a 350 or a 225 as BD mentioned.

Looks more like the 225

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Unfortunately, I do not know where to find that stuff other than ebay or the NOS section at large motorcycle warehouses like Chaparral.
Looks like a few parts on eBay. Search years 86 87 and 88 were all identical. Good Luck!
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I couldn't find a tank either from googling around the web; might be a tough one to come by. Acerbis, Clarke, and IMS don't offer an aftermarket version.