Just got back form Staples Center. Watched some dude wuss out on the practice runs for best whip then disappear all together when it came time to compete. Come time for best trick and the guy's back out there for the warm-up runs. He keeps coming down the approach ramp then pulls off at the last second before the launch. We were all laughing at him in the stands.

Then comes his first run for best trick - his first run at the launch all night. We were all waiting for the dude to wuss out again...

He throttles up, hits the ramp, starts a rotation for a FRONT FLIP!

Doesn't land it.... at least not on his bike.

Dude only rotates about half way - he laid lifeless on the dirt for about 10 minutes before they finally took him away on a back board. My wife and kids thought he was dead.

Luckily, about 15 minutes later they report that he's moving all limbs and talking. I hate it when shit like that happens :thumbsdown:

Watched it on TV, brutal crash. I did not see all of the practice runs, but the tv commentator did say he was having carb issues and had to work on his bike.
I don't buy the carb excuse... He probably approached the ramp 6-8 times during the best whip practice then just disappeared (working on his carb maybe), then came back out for best trick practice, did the same last second bail 3-4 times, then just sat on the sidelines - never touched his bike before the ill-fated attempt...

Look, dude gets "mad props" in my book for even trying a front flip like that - the whole thing was just a bit off...

I was at X-Games a couple years ago when the dude tried the second ever double back-flip too. Dude was wearing a home-made jersey and fishing gloves. He never took a practice run either before he ate dirt...

Maybe a little warm up next time - that's all I'm sayin' :thinking:
The guy that pulled off the back flip this year was the guy with the fishing gloves that crashed last year I think it was.

That's exactly what I was trying to say.Thanks Rack.
Super rally was a joke. They couldn't get camera angles for crap. But the FAIL award for the night, was to the flag guy who threw the checkered, one lap too early.:doh:
Terrible rally races:lol: At least in super rally they didn't DNF'd for going the wrong course 4-5 different times but the flag guy was the iceing on the cake for sure.:lol:
So far all the logistics of the X-games is super fail. the rally sucked cause of all the DQ's. The fact that the course was different EVERY time they ran(practice,qualifier,semi's) is just wrong. Then the guy throwing the checkered flag early in the super rally :doh:. It didn't even stop there. All the park stuff is a "jam session" style but a lot of the time they were not allowing the next rider to go out on course even tho the clock is still running. SUPER LAME.

Then on day three they tried to play the freestyle MX and the womens MX race as if it was just happening. Then there was SO much fluff and replays of everything it seemed as if they just did not have enough footage so they filled it in with lets show you what happened yesterday BS... i am sure glad that i DVR all of it so i can fast forward through this bullshit.

Also i guess i haven't watched X-games in a while but what ever happened to street Luge? i loved watching that why they don't have it anymore? What about Wake boarding? is that not a summer X-game event? with the way that sport is going it would be a serious shame considering they have skateparks on the water and have the wench rope pull things now a days.