450F WR 450

So this is the Blue forum, interesting.....
Don't bother asking for the tour, it sucks, boring as hell, wasted half a day doing it - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Just kidding, it was great, only bad part was wanting to go to the next hill on the horizon, then the next, realizing soon we would have to turn around.
I'm ready to check it out again.

.......... bahhh :thumb:
Like the reflection pic. I guess since my bike is a YZ and not WR I won't post it here. I will have to create a YZ450 thread and post over there. :smirk:

I'm ready for one of your tours....:ride:
My old WR, mistake buying it, mistake selling it,


Yea that bike looks clean what year is it?
And Timoyz thats a killer pic, i need to get a camerea again mine broke and i think i threw it away.