Win the GNCC Points Leading Factory Suzuki RM-Z450

I got this email, thought some of you may find it of interest:

Win the GNCC Points Leading Factory Suzuki RM-Z450

Photo By: Shan Moore
Win the GNCC points leaders factory bike!
Morgantown, WV (June 3, 2010) -- American Suzuki and its FMF/Makita Suzuki factory off-road race team has already taken their race-prepped Suzuki RM-Z450 to the top of the podium. Now you can ride it off of the box and take it home.

Off-roaders and motocross riders alike can benefit from this: an RM-Z450 stocked with the latest, trickest aftermarket parts. Suzuki will give away the actual bike GNCC points leader Josh Strang races on following the Snowshoe GNCC on June 27 . The team is eager to prove Strang's four wins this season came on a bike anyone could own.

To enter, raffle tickets can be purchased during the next two rounds of GNCC Racing, including this weekend's Wiseco John Penton GNCC, and the Snowshoe race in two weeks. All proceeds from the raffle go to, the foundation that helps injured riders up.

"We couldn't be more excited," said Bruce Vermeulen, President of RiderDown Foundation. "To have Josh Strang's 2010 race bike up for grabs and benefitting RiderDown is unbelievable. The support of guys like Josh who are out there campaigning the GNCC series means a lot to us and the injured riders we work with. My hat's off to Racer Productions and American Suzuki for making this happen."

This Suzuki is stocked with the good stuff. Acerbis has supplied all the body plastics along with handguards and carbon fiber frond disc cover. It has CV-4 red radiator hoses plus that red radiator cap. Works Connection provides radiator braces for protection, brake reservoir caps, engine plugs and oil caps. The DID O-Ring chain hooks up great on Renthal sprockets. TM Designs supplies a chain guide and a rear disc protector. The bike also has a GPR steering stabilizer, Renthal handlebars and grips.

The rotors are from DP Brakes. RG-3 provides a top-of-the line suspension setup. Zip Ty racing supplies their oil filter cap, brake reservoir extension and chain adjusters.

The engine has engine hangers from Tokyo Mods and the FMF stainless exhaust complete with Mega bomb header that leads to the titanium 4.1 canister contributes more power. Hinson Racing adds to the engine with their billet clutch cover, inner and outer billet baskets and the pressure plate.

The 2.5 gallon fuel tank IMS hydrates the bike, and the Motion Pro quick turn throttle system helps make that happen more efficiently.

The bike rolls on Dunlop tires with foam inserts, but the team will swap in some traditional tubes if the customer wants them. And of course the look is complete with N-Style Team FMF/Makita Suzuki graphics.

This is the actual bike Josh Strang wins races on-the team will build it fresh for Snowshoe, let Josh race it, then wash it off and give it to the RiderDown raffle winner when the race is over. Enter now for your chance to win a dream ride, and help donate to a great cause.

The 2010 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series continues this weekend with the Wiseco John Penton GNCC in Millfield, Ohio.

For more information, check out the official series website at The New GNCC Racing Online or call 304.284.0084.
going to next season yeah. why not? my buddy raced them last 2 seasons, now is racing my series and said the AWRCS series we race now is ten times harder due to it being all tight woods. heck we get some big name guys racing the AWRCS series just to keep in shape for the gncc's... barry hawk to name one. but yes sir, i was debating picking up the gncc series but with the new job and new position it's looking like i'm going to be able to afford to do more things that i want to do :)
thanks, would really like to do it on that suzuki though lol. nah, i'm a true blue yammi man now! i've seen the light and it's blue :) oh plus another BIG reason for racing GNCC's next season is because the races start a couple months earlier than our normal series picks up and they're spaced out enough that i think i can do the GNCC's and still do all or at least most of AWRCS