who's hungry? :smirk:

well a guy came into Juicy Burger today wanting to try the 10 patty challenge, the record now is 9 and so the next was 10 (no skipping amounts) and he ended up not making it... not even to the current record lol. Anyone think they are up to it? I only can eat a double... it's the burger, cheese and pastrami :drool:



Holy Crap!!!!Thats like 3 or 4 days worth of beef in one sitting. I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at that picture.
That is sweet! I'de stave all day and I could eat 9 probly, but I get hungry fast! Looks good though! How many did he eat?
i think he only got like 7... you have 1hour 6min to do it too cause thats what the guy that ate 9 did it in...
That's so American! Peeps are starving all over the world and we get to do stupid shit like this! Awesome, huh? :thumb: ..............