Who make a better rider, MX or Off road guy??

i was in no way bashing on mx riders either btw. just stating the guys that rode mx that we took to a hs haven't came back for a 2nd go at it... plus another thing, the series i raced last season the courses were all laid out half on a mx track and half woods. the woods sections weren't all that tight in that series either but that's primarily where i picked up my pace and passed guys. on the mx part i was a little hesitant my first race but after i started to get used to jumping and getting more aggressive in the corners i was able to fend off the guy behind me unless he was a fast b rider or obviously an a rider or just flat out sandbagging in my class. i don't know... i just got home from a long day at work and just wanted to put my additional .02 in again... that leaves me about .04 into this whole topic and a $1 short :( go figure...
Race Desert!

Thats a concept in itself and you have opened another small can of piss and vinegar.

I rode desert when I was young, I feel I was fairly fast. I rode a open class bike from 15 on.
I to could not turn more the 45 degrees for the life of me. I could hang on and hit bumps at speed at serious speed.
I had balls and thats about it. Big Balls I will add.

Now I ride woods, real trails and technical elevation changes. Am I faster? No way.
Am I better rider considering the years apart and the age difference? Hell yes.

Watch the psychos on You Tube in Europe and ask if the desert made them fast?
Check out second 53 for a great laugh.

David Knight had scant chance of learning his speed in the desert.
Malcolm Smith? Bob Hannah? These were desert guys. Two different
types of racers. Travis is a East Coast guy. What would we classify him as?

The real answer is skill. How you came across the skill is actually meaningless.

I find tight as trails with exposed roots and rock with a touch snow and mud
the funniest most challenging trails ever, some of my biggest sources of
riding envy come from the lush green trail pics of the far Pacific Northwest.

and I do like the desert too.


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Just a point and I have met Chad, thats not going to happen.:thumb:
:lol: Hey that wasn't directed at you (or anyone else) I was just trying to make a funny. :smirk: I love these types of threads, I remember on TT a thread about the toughest sport was created and less then a hour later it had over 100 posts. :bonk:

I can't provide any input as I've never rode desert/trails/off-road only MX.:P
I love those Romaniacs videos! :shocked:

Enzburg, Romaniacs, Last Man Standing... all good stuff. Desert is just one discipline off off-road, and (as you know) totally different than riding up north or east coast.

(By the way - Ossi is a hill climbing maniac. I've got some good videos of him out in Spangler throwing down some punishment)

I like rocks - I like technical - I like Desert. I also like the forest (rocks, roots, mud... no problemo) but I'm only a C-Rider in the tight stuff because of my lack-luster turning skills.... Therefore I'm guessing I'd be shit on a track (never been on one).

I think MX vs Off-road really boils down to how well-rounded you are. A strict desert rider blows in the trees, a Strict MX guy couldn't race a REAL off-road race (D-37, GNCC, NHHA, etc...), most woods guys can't ride desert (too much sand), etc, etc, etc... :prof:
:devil: I think I'm going to sit "here" and eat my :popcorn: while I watch this :poke:/pissing match unfold. :devil:


That's exactly what I thought when I saw this thread. Everyone will have a different opinion on who is better. Im not going to say what I think.:P
i think if you have never rode a track you need to get yourself out on one ASAP
i also think if have never rode trails/dez/trees you need to get yourself out on one of them ASAP.

why limit your riding to one thing... its all fun and each complements each other and will just make you a better rider all together.

One thing i have never done but WOULD love to do if someone let me use their bike is Trials riding... i know i would suck but it would be fun as hell to learn how to bunny hop a bike with a engine on it. Plus i have always been very impressed with what those guys can get up on and balance on when riding those things.
It is definitely gonna be a great one.:thumb: BTW why hasn't CDA (retired Open Expert desert racer) chimed in on this?
Damn WG called me out. I was just sitting here :popcorn: and enjoying the reading and :thinking:. Wow I used to race desert? Who told you that?