Who make a better rider, MX or Off road guy??

Yeah, off road guys are better riders. But the real question should be are they better when riding a 2 stroke or a thumper :thinking:

Depends on the rider.

If you ask me, it takes more rider effort to manage a 2T. You can be lazier on a 4T.

i been a 4t guy all along... with that said i must agree. especially for a new rider. it was maybe the 3rd or 4th ride i went on with PBK, he says now try this bike(yz250) i was on flat at the staging area getting all buck nutty and i went right back and said no thanks :lol:

but that bike compared to one of these new 2t like the ktm 300 are worlds apart. these new 2t you can be all the lazy as a 4t minus you have to mix gas :prof: they are quite fun.