Where are you from? (Dirt Bike Addicts Map)

Damm smoke if i new you where in sparks i wouldf have hit you up, I've been in Gardenerville and sparls all last month. I will have to hit you up the next time i'm in Reno area.:thumb:

Just let me know a little in advance and we can try and hook something up.
Looks to be only 2 of us from Nevada. To bad I live in the North west end of the state and he lives in the south east end of the state.
lol no shit huh we need to find some more peps from nevada on this site, i go to gardnerville a few times a year to visit my brother so i'll be ther e at some point. i'm just starting a new job so it may be a few months befor i can get away now. i'll find some time tho:devil: