Where are you from? (Dirt Bike Addicts Map)

Maybe that came out wrong, that's my Raptor in the little avatar. I'm the only Raptor in my area that actually uses it for what it was intended for. I've had it up to 140 MPH on a dirt rd.

Yeah, I misunderstood.... very nice. Make sure your flame suit is near by, some haters on here. They might get a little testy because they think it's a waste of a truck, costs too much, it's a Ford... :blah:

Personally, I like them a lot... :thumb:
It's all good I've got thick skin. And really it's not much more expensive than a loaded FX4 or loaded 1500 Chevy or dodge.

If anyone ever gets a chance to go off-road in one do it! You've never felt anything like it.