2 Stroke Where are all the old school Smokers?

my 97, not quite old school but the last year of the cr 125's with the steel frame and six speed before the switch to 5 speed and af. enjoy


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Yeah man I love the shape of that era of CR, Espacially the rad scoops of the 88 89 models!:rocker:
So nice Honda didn't ever change them on the 500 all the way from 88 thru to 2001 :ride:
It's one of the reasons I chose the 89 CR250 to restore :noidea:
Please post pictures of the restoration. It seems to be getting harder to find these rides today. I think the owner's of them are getting smarter to hold on to them. :thumb: I never should have sold my past CR500's. My 1990 was in mint shape.
its an 88 i picked up last year, im currently removing the engine to do a lil resto on it. i had a helluva time getting the swingarm pivot out. im currently needing one if anyone has a spare or can tell me if a newer model bolt will work. thanx guys..
Hi bud, your swing arm pin is still available new fron Honda at a cost of £23 :cheers:
The part number can be found on the rear fork microfiche free of charge on CMSNL.com, I just replaced my pin during my resto!
You might be surprised just how many nuts and bolts are still available for your bike so probs best making a list of
All the nuts and bolts you want before you call them.