What's for Lunch/Dinner


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Pork Butt roast is on sale in my neck of the woods.
Pulled pork Sandwiches have been my main course for about a week now... MMM.... pulled pork...
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Damn, another day with Ramen:lol: I got to get my ole Lady to the damn store.:cry: No telling what dinner will be,,most likely will be a liquid diet since it is FRIDAY!!!!:banana:
chile verde...combination of my own recipes, weathergeek, and stuff I found on line....kinda glad no-one home to share it with:banana:
Today I had a NY style cornbeef sub from a new sub shop that just opened...my new favorite place. Called Firehouse Subs. Local firemen opened it up from my understanding. Man was great!
Time to wake this shit back up...I am having a late afternoon snack thought I would share

Deer summer sausage w/cheese
Sesame seed crackers
Cheddar cheese
fresh Veggies
Summer Sauage.jpg