Whats a good LCD TV????

I'm looking for the biggest and best Flatscreen TV I can buy for under $1K

I wanted to buy one about 5 yrs ago but was denied by the roomate so now that its SX season I want to ditch the standard 36" TV we have and go Flat and BIG!
Thanks :ride:


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A few years ago I got myself a Vizio, they were still a new company but had cheap prices for decent TVs. :thumb: It seems like over the last few years they have really stepped up their game. Here's their website http://www.vizio.com/lcd-hdtvs.html?cat=42

:thinking: I'm pretty sure that Lugnut recently got a Vizio as well, he might be able to share his thoughts on them.
I was looking at the Toshiba at Best Buy.... I'll have to go to another store since I was escorted out of my local best buy... lol, long story

Sams club has good deals too Hey James how big is your Vizio tv?
Nice TV, so can I come over and watch racing with you? I can bring some of my cool off-road videos I made..:thumb:

No! But your manager is welcome :P:P:P.

All kidding aside. I have you scheduled for a Sierra National Forest ride in May & June 2011:prof::devil: