Gas Gas What type piston do u run??

I'll tell you something, I have a Wiseco in one of my 02yz's pushing 11.3 hours and zero problems this far. Also has a Wiseco crank same rebuild. Not even going to check on it if she still screams like catholic alter boy.
I just do not like or trust the way the Wiseco piston react when running. Wiseco has been around for what 70yrs or so. So they are the most recognized company when talking about pistons. Even though that is the case I believe that when you talk to any engine builder. They will tell you they have to prep the cylinder differently to run Wiseco's. Because of the way it reacts to heat.They expand differently. Pro-Circuit used to run Vertex pistons in their race bikes. Call them or even Millennium Technologies and ask. They will sell you whatever piston you want to run. But, they will ask you what it is you want. So they can properly prep the cylinder for it.
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I have used some of everything. Two stroke skirts can get pretty weak, and that is why I mentioned checking the wear and collapse on them. That way if it is under spec there you know to replace it before it rattles apart. I have gotten many to go over 100 hours. a 250 piston is liable to lose .002 off the skirt in less than 20 hours. most of that is just it reshaping itself. just keep it within spec and they don't give me any problem. FYI back in the days of cast iron liners I would sometimes see someone bore a cylinder to fit a low time used piston. if you do that and set it up at suggested clearance you can get it to seize some of the time. most dont know how much it collapsed to begin with and the seizure comes up closer to the head of the piston anyway.
if you look at some of the two stroke pistons that companies like wiseco made, and compare them to what that man says you will start to wonder about how they are made. if you can get a cast piston that will take the pressures you want to run them at, I like them just fine. their hypereutectic capabilities make them well worth it. you can get a big difference in quality in both cast and forged. fyi the vertex works fine in what I have run them in. 125's and 250 two strokes.
From what I read and seen about the forged vs. cast piston. I would have to say for those who ride the woods and mountains. Or at lower rpm's and temperatures. The cast or stock piston would be best for them. Or anybody who does not push the engine for long periods of time. I feel in order to get the best performance from a forged piston. It needs to be rode harder to stay at a more consistent shape. :noidea:
My 2 cents:
In my 2T race bikes at 250cc I run Wiseco only.... I do about 40hrs of hard moto before I swap them out.
The boy's RMZ250 gets a OEM because its what is spec'd and that will get the most amount of hours which is around 50hrs I think.
On our small bore 2T stuff 125cc or less fresh top ends every 20hrs and I use OEM because of the low hours we run them and its about $20 cheaper.

IMO go Wiseco or nothing.... never a problem, never a question
For 20 dollars difference I think I would pick what I was more comfy running. Seen lots of success with OE, Wiseco, Arias, JE, and Vertex. Some others too. Seen failures with all of them. None of them make up for bad fits, bad jetting, wrong mix, air leaks etc, improper use and maintenance.
Or ingesting glacier silt
I used to see lots of guys cleaning out their air filters between motos. Washing in gas. Wringing it out, reoiling, reinstalling. All after they washed dirt from the dirty side into the clean side. And wonder where the bore went in 4 hours of running. I bet you can still find those people.