What to do :noidea: Chopper or Adventure :smirk:

What to do?

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XR1500? Looks like someone took an old goldwing and tried to make it look like a dirt bike. I doubt it does anything well.

OK, back to the subject. Is this even a question? Chopper? Are you out of your mind?

I guess it depends on the intended use. A lot of pavement or more dirt oriented?

Unless there is a smoking deal on a KTM I don't think that I would go for one. The 690 is just a slightly overgrown dirt bike. I saw a guy take one up a gnarly singletrack once. Didn't look like too much fun, but it made it. The 990 looks more road worthy and less a trail machine. I'm considering a Suzuki V-Strom or perhaps a Kawasaki Versus as a street bike.