Pro What It Really Feels Like To Get Roost...

Wow. That is painful looking. Although I can feel his pain. I'm the slow guy on the track. Used to being roosted. It sucks, but it's all part of being slow. :cry:
I use to have a Yamaha TT 500 that had HUGE balls, so much low end power it was buddy (same bike different year) and I would always ride drag (sweeper) and once in a while his brothers-in-law (newbies to riding <than 2 yrs experience) would be going too slow so we'd nod to each other, and pass them on the inside of a rock studded trail or road just pummelling them with rocks...We had 6" Cheng Shin rear tires that would just tear it up! They would get soooo pissed at us. They learned to just lower their heads so the rocks would hit their visors and wear thicker shirts...none of us wore chest proectors. YES they had them waaay back then, they were the "bib" looking things like a catcher would wear in baseball!