What head light do you have?

For what purpose? Actual night riding? Just a light to get back should it get dark? How many watts of juice does the bike have to run a light?

Ya, I know you wanted answers and all I have are more questions.

I have the Baja Designs DOT headlight with a HID retrofit. Yes it makes a lot of light. Probably not what you were lookig for though.

There are actually a few sort of decent looking lights on ebay that one can get for $50 or so and perhaps even less.
More or less riding in before light or coming out when it gets dark or something. I don't have any plans of riding at night. The bike is a CRF230 so I'm not sure what it has for Watts
I believe that the 230 is good for 40 watts max so go with a 35 watt headlight. There will be a lot of options as it's a common wattage for a dirt bike headlight.
Here's a shot mine...It's an Acerbis light/number plate...The bike was plated when I bought it...screwed up thinking I'd never need/want the plate ...:bonk:...Can I assume the light is DOT rated? PLUS the little thingy down at the bottom was added and is held on with a zip tie!


Little thingy
Then there ya go...can I assume it is HID friendly?
I put a HID in mine. I picked up a single beam from DDMtuning for about $42 delivered for two of them. I then popped off the low beam shield and presto a super bright headlight that is awesome. I'm going to upgrade to a two HID capsule version with both high and low. You can never have enough light.

Why does the head light need a flasher?
Sorry we got a little off track here. The flasher is for turn signals for that dual sport street registration. Not what you are looking for I guess. To get back on track there are some units form UFO and Polisport that are pretty inexpensive.