What exhaust packing to use? 4 stroke

see, thats what prompted this thread, I was going to get FMF 4 stroke packing as well as their high temp silicone, until I read the reviews on RMA

Doesn't last.By James in CO
Comments On Feb 09, 2011:
It burnt up within a few hours on my YZ450F. You're better off paying a little more for packing that will last more than a couple of rides.

and its even worse for the silicone
I don't know if its worth itBy Jesse in CO
Comments On Jun 20, 2009:
I ordered 4 tubes, to be safe. The first was solid, dried up, bunk, no good. The second was partly solidified, but had enough silicone to do the job. I have two more tubes, still packaged, both of which feel pretty solid.
The label says it is good to 280ºC, which is 536ºF. That seems low to me for an exhaust header. After the 24-hour set time, the seal held up and did not seem to be affected by heat or wiggle after a 3 -hour ride on a rocky trail.

Dried UpBy NICK in CA
Comments On May 06, 2009:
Don't buy, got in the mail and it was rock-hard; even though it was sealed. I had to go out and buy some at auto-parts store.

dried upBy STEPHEN in NY
Comments On Aug 24, 2008:
The tube came filled with all dried up silicone. Probably would work fine if i could have used it. Went to automotive store and bought high temp silicone that worked great.


where as this stuff, gets rather good reviews, I just figured I'd ask and see what the other guys are using :)

Thanks Guys