2 Stroke What engines fit in a suzuki Pe 250

Hello, I picked up a Suzuki Pe 250 I think its a 1980 or 79 but the engine is junk. It seems like the bottom end went but kept running and the play in the bearings caused the flywheel magnets to break off. The bearings are really loose in the case and the engine is just a basket case. But the actual dirtbike is in good shape mechanically and I like the style and size. So what engines could I put in here? I have decent fabrication skills and would not be against putting a 4 stroke in the bike but what should I know to do the swap?


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I would probably spend time looking for the engine parts to rebuild, as they are most likely available individually from different sellers. (eBay)
The resale value in the future could be preserved that way.
With a bit of fabrication, quite a few of the chinese 4T uprights in the 200-250cc would fit. I've done it, but that would be quite a task.
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I have a honda 230 dirtbike that I got for free but it is missing a bunch of parts because the previous owner took it all apart because it had a bent valve but the engine is complete maybe I could swap that in. Also I will look at rebuilding the engine I think it is bored 0.010 over but I have a lathe I could probably bore it to 0.020 over. My main concern about the old engine is that it is a racing engine which means it has to be rebuilt more often. And it needs crank bearings too but I do have a press so maybe I can do that too.