What Brand of Dirt Bike Do You Ride/Own?

What Brand of Dirt Bike Do You Ride/Own?

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Poolstick i had a '07 CRF150r a few weeks ago but i sold it, upgrading to a CR 250 or CRF250 and if i cant find them then a CR125!!

Only reason i kept the 100 is because winter is here and since i dont have any riding to do im gonna keep it seeing as it has so much sentimental value to me, 7 years with it bro! Only had my 07 150r for about a year but cant wait for my cr.

Is kinda clapped out:
FMF Powercore 4 ( nh, turns out its not a pc2 :lol:)
Rejetted 105 main and 38 pilot
Fly half waffle medium and safety wired
CR85 handlebar pad
Moose bars
MSRHP shifting lever
BBR swingarm
Maxxis IT front and rear tires
Brand new ignition and CDI/coil
NGK Plugs
Monster graphics
Stiffer front springs
ASV clutch/brake levers
New throttle tube
New OEM right and left crankcase covers
+1 front sprocket
Acerbis hand guards (not installed yet, still being delivered)
UNI filter inside airbox.

Could sell it, got a local offer of $1350 but i refused it and decided to keep it because its ben around for so long and its hard to let go of, also a great bike for practicing on and learning riding techniques on

Post up some pics of this beast!!! :thumb: