What brand air filter do you use

I going to replace my air filter and wanted to know what everyones uses and thinks is the best one.

no arguments needed just state what you use and why. Thanks in advance for your replies.

I know some are worse than others so I will just take what the majority uses and run with that.
TwinAir. No questions about it..
They always come with that button that locks onto the cage and seals up the cage screw hole.
I don't run an air filter, so i get maximum air flow. I am so far out front that dust is not a problem....:smirk:
I have one of each. :lol:

I have a Uni, a Twin Air, two NoToil's and some no name or is that I don't remember the name filter. I don't clean filters often, but when I do it's a serious job.
my local shop only sells Uni but i scored a bunch of the ReadyFilters for free at a race and been using those... they come all oiled up so you just pop them in, plus they come with gloves and a sticker :banana: :lol:
Twin Air if I can get it, Uni if all else fails, no longer use No toil as they pass too much dirt if it is dry n dusty. They WILL dry out and eat your motor on a long or multi day ride. Wet prepped MX tracks they are good.