Well, it is snowing out here, so I made a video last week

No I dont snow mobile but know I would like it. Nice video Anna! It sure is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun!

I did think of California and all the quads when all the people were passin you :lol:
I have to tell this story...my brother and I decided to go up to the Mammoth area one Thanksgiving weekend. No reservations, got to a certain point (tired) and pulled into a rest stop up around Mammoth. It was set way back off the highway, unseen to anyone passing by. We slept in the truck until early am when we heard some whining going on (ringa-ding-ding type stuff). We looked outside and saw a HUUUUUUGE MH pulling a trailer full of sleds...the guys were unloading them at the time. By the time we got our shoes on and out of the truck they were all geared up and took off into the trees...1st time I'd ever seen a snowmobiel in action in person...what a trip, coolest thing ever! :ride:
And as the same with bikes, there are two-stroke and four-stroke. We have three yamaha sleds, and truthfully the 2-stroke has a lot more power.
ANother video of sledding

Okay here is another video. More of a group ride. Made two weeks ago. It is long to get the whole group in. The most interesting part is probably in the Beginning and at 5:10 minutes to the end.