We Will Never Forget 9/11


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I'm sure you guys know what today is and if you don't shame on you. :naughty:

So I'd like to take some time to remember all our fellow Americans that gave their life on that ungrateful day 9 years ago. Lets not forget them and all the soldiers that gave their life in the wars following 9/11 and also the ones that are still deployed. I humbly thank all of those men and women for their sacrifices and may God bless them. :USA:





AMEN! God Bless all that have lost friends and were affected by this tragedy, I will be proudly displaying the American flag ate half mast tomorrow.

Thanks for posting James.:USA:
Amen, flying the flag at half mast tomorrow. I will never forget when 9/11 happened in 2001. I was in kindergarden and they had all the kids in our school go to the cafeteria, they rolled a tv in and we just sat there in quite and watched.
Nice thread James. I will take a few private moments to think about this historic event and how it impacted so many people. We will never forget.
We will always remember and never forget the lost of love ones that day. I am so proud and honored for the Men and Women that serve are country. I have a few people in the family that serves with my Daughter being one of them.....:USA:
I will never forget and for whatever reason I can be busy as hell at work or lounging on the couch at home look up at the clock and it's 9:11... or a minute before or after........ kind of eary but happens frequently.

:USA:......... :salute: