Way To The Ride, Report!


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So here's my first report. :thumb:

First up is a random field that cows graze in. Don't see any though, maybe he killed them all? ...ummm hamburgers :drool:


Here's our high school, may not be that big for some of you. But remember this is a town of 5,000 people and we also have 2 elementary schools, a middle school, and an intermediate school. :bonk: Friggen taxes.


View from the other way.


Here's a monstrosity of a restaurant call Das Dutchmen Essenhaus, very good food though. It started out as a little truck stop many years ago, maybe CH has eaten there. :thinking:


Here's their Inn & Conference Center, that's all one building and it's not connected to the restaurant. :crazy:



One of the many retirement homes, lot of retired people live here. :bonk:


A small town traffic jam. :smirk:


Taco Bell for those late night binges. :devil:



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Fire & EMS Departments:

EMS side
Haven't needed these guys yet. :ride:


Fire side


Chalet Party Shop, great place to get all the booze you need. :smirk:


2 of the older MPD squad cars, they must have taken the new ones to go and get some more doughnuts. :devil:

P.S. They're some of the coolest guys in the area:thumb:, not dicks like the next town over. :finger:


The local musculoskeletal resource center (sports medicine), works out great for us MXer's. :P


A beautiful golf course that I could make so must better with a bull dozer, a skid loader, and a water truck.:smirk: There's 2 of them in this town, why can't we have just one? :mad:


One of the many trailer/rv manufactures in this town. Jayco, Coahmen, Haulmark, Cargo Express, what used to be Pilgrim International, and Woodland Park units are built in this town. Sportsmen, Cedar Creek, Keystone, Forest River, Duchmen, Renegade, and many more are within 20 miles of here. So all you guys that own a RV odds are it was built here.



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Almost there


I'm going so fast that it's just a blur. :crazy: (my camera sucks, remember those Indy Supercross shots? :banghead:)


And finally here's the lane back to the practice track.


So that wraps up my Way To The Ride, Report.



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Well, where are the pics of the track and you clearing the triple???:noidea: C'mon! Track pics too!:thumb:
:lol: Didn't you read the title, it says "Way To The Ride" report? When I got there I forgot about taking pictures and went riding. :smirk:

I'll have to have somebody else take some of me, my camera can't take "action" shots. I'll see if I can steal...umm borrow...my cuz's camera.:thumb:

Or maybe I'm just so fast that the camera just can't "capture" me. :devil: :lol:


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I know, that wasn't a ride report, more like a drive report and scenic town trip :P Next time pics of you riding would be nice James :moon: :lol:
Damn you guys are impossible, it was a friggen joke. :moon:

It's a "Way TO the Ride" report, not a :ride: report. :banghead:

:lol: Finally

For some reason I don't have any riding pictures, probably because everybody what's to ride and not take pictures.:noidea: I'll see about getting some taken next time. :thumb:
You need to take K-Rack with you. I don't think he rides, I think he sits on the back of someone else's bike and takes pictures of everybody...:smirk: So he can walk the track and take pictures.
There is something strangely wrong with those photographs.

Oh I know what it is. The land is strangely flat. What is this flat land thing. I just can't deal with all that flatness. Give me some mountains. I can't live without mountains.
Don't feel bad. Every single one of my ride reports, I usually only have pictures from the first part of the day, and just don't pull out the camera later on. Your thread fits your title, and you got a shot of a dirty bike, so since I have to spread it around some first, I'll throw you some Roost in spirit only.:cheers: