Wasted time on google earth thread


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This is the local illegal riding area (IRA) in my area. 1994-2010



Post up videos or pictures from google earth that are even remotely interesting... or don't...
-BIG DAN:thumb:
It's cool how it turned all brownish in those 16 years....:prof:

It is because the smog, no wait it is the green house effect, sorry it is global warming, oh nevemind it is all of these that is in CA.:P

here is my place
to the right you can see Ohio river, it is about two miles away by way of crow fly

this is alittle closer look. See all that forest behind my place. It used to be a Timber for the future area,, now the Basketball coach for Miss.ST bought it all.
OOOOOOOOh I want to show some of the best illegal riding my dad and I ever found! It was at this old airport that was closed up in 68? I believe. So illegal but me and my dad were fed up and wanted to :ride:

It was so much fun. I felt horrible though :lol: we had to go around these huge pipes blocking off an old road to the airport that said no trespassing by far the dumbest thing my dad and I have ever done :lol: woulda been a hefty ticket if we were caught.
here's what it looked like in 94

Almost forgot the pic of the truck hidden in the woods :lol:
1997 wellsville, sorry about the blurriness on left side, stupid satellite images

2006, newest winter shot i could get of the place, but it basicaly still looks the same as 2006 still

By riding illegally you give dirt bikers a bad name. Maybe yall should ride 4 wheelers, since you seem to have the mindset of a bunch of quadtards...