Washing the Scooter

Here is a little video for you DBAers on getting your scooters all purdy again. Not sure why I was not consulted on this one. :thinking: He has some good tips for you.

Check it out:



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huh I gotta try the whole tipping the bike over thing. :thumb:

I generally wash mine off at the car wash on the way home, the tire/engine cleaner works great. :ride:
if i just rode some dusty trails i dont always wash my bike. when i go to the track i wash it when i get home cause that MUD gets caked on and will actually weigh down your bike
I don't detail mine after every ride but I do spray it off with the garden hose, let it dry and oil the chain. I have way to much money in it to leave it sit with mud on it. If am bored, I will break it out of the shed and detail it..but I have to be pretty damn bored.:smirk:
I do everything that he does other than take my seat off. I never thought about it breaking down the foam.
Never tipped it over, not a bad idea. I wash mine after every ride but don't detail it. Takes maybe 20 minutes to do it. Here is the lazy man's way:

Spray the entire bike down with diluted Simple Green till it is wet. Let is sit a minute or two and hose it off with a garden hose. Start it and run for a couple minutes to get water out of places it shouldn't be and wipe it down with a towel. Voila.... it comes out great every time. If there is mud caked, then I just use a pressure washer instead of a garden hose.:thumb:

Remember this is from a lazy fat old man too.:lol::cry: