Vimeo or You Tube?

Vimeo is way better but not nearly as popular.

id prefer Vimeo myself... i have had an account there and uploaded some videos i made from skate 2 the video game a while back.
I'm not liking youtube too much these days, especially since google bought them. Between the 2 I'd use vimeo.

There are many other hosting services too.

all are clips from Skate 2. I used it to teach myself some of the video editing techniques. but i guess i had used Blip not Vimeo in the past :/ too bad that dont embed
The main difference between the 2 is UTube only allows 10 minute videos , its not by the size but length of time , Vimeo allows up to 500mb per video or 500mb a week for free accounts so about a 20+ minute video , also UTube seems to have a buffering issue where videos constantly buffer , Vimeo does not seem to have that problem , when i upload a video it compresses enough that a 10-12 or so minute video is about 100mb , so you can do a few video's before you reach the 500mb limit for the week