Vapor/GPS all in one unit!

Just talked to Justin at Trail Tech and they are taking pre-orders now with a November 1st expected ship date. It does have a Tach and all the original Vapor features along with quite a few new ones. The GPS will be fairly limited as it will not be able to do topo maps. It will however be able to do routes from other GPS units, It uses mainly GPX files which are pretty universal.

Retail $279.00

That's a pretty fair price for such a unit.

* GPS Speed, Distance, Compass, Altitude, Temperature, Maps
* View, Organize, Edit and Share Entire Trail Systems in 3D
* Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Off-Road Riders
* 240x400 WQVGA LCD - Readable in Intense Sunlight
* Engine Performance linked to GPS Data
* Crash Resistant, Off-Road Design
* Upload Routes from any GPS
* Customizable User Screens
* Model-Specific Integration
* Accurate Tracks, Even in the Toughest Terrain

All this plus the regular features of the original Vapor.
Nice thanks for the info Jason. I might just buy one...:thinking: They sure seemed to be getting a lot of my money lately. I think I will still try and finish mine though....someday.
I like my Vapor on my Sumo. Although I had some issues with it and had to send it back to Trail Tech. They were good about it and sent me out a new one. Only thing missing from this new beauty of a device is a distress button, a feature to call for help like a Spot does. Wouldnt that be cool? Talk about complete! Maybe next year:hail: It's coming...I just know it:prof: it just makes sense and cents$