USDA Public Opinion Website - Help Override The Greenies

i better stay away from posting anything there cause to be honest i want to punch that norm guy in his face then get on my bike and roost all over him.

my comments wouldn't be good for our cause there as i speak my mind and im blunt about about it.

good thread tho and thanks for bringing it to our attention... +3 roost to you.
I have gone there and i have voted. There are some nut jobs there for sure and we are loosing the vote so we need to get some more in, wish we could just shoot crazys!!:devil:


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Thanks for posting that A2 :thumb:

I could only make it part of the way through, before I felt like punching my monitor. :mad:
That kid,, Alex Hilborn, seemed pretty insightful for being 20. :ride: