URGENT NEED ADVICE! Shopping tomorrow!

Which bike?

  • 2004 TTR 125/L

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • 2006 DR-Z 125/L

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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We are driving about 5hrs tomorrow to look at dirt bikes, and as a first time buyer looking for some advice between which bike to get!?

I should start out with that I am approx 5'4 130lbs; not a total newbie... I've been ripping around on an old dirt bike at the cabin for years! It's so old ...not even sure what make it is.. but its for maybe an 8 year old! Haha

I'm going to looking at a:

2006 DR-Z 125/L

**AND **

2004 TTR 125/L

ADVICE? I will be taking one of these bikes home with me.. Same price..and same condition (very good).
Anything I should look for before buying...

Thanks in advance!
Mike would say get the TTR125/L because it's a total chick bike. Being that you are a chick, perfect beginner bike. My girls rode the CRF80, 100, 150, and 230. All good bikes.
I will add, if Yamaha would have had the size choices for the kids when they were growing up, I would have gone blue all the way.

Just make sure everything is straight and not to beat up.
So I wonder what missmegs brought home?
Yamaha has bigger aftermarket support.
I have always loved my Honda's, but in the MX arena we have become fans of bikes that are blue at my place. They've almost taken over. 6 of 11.
The nice thing about the DRZ's is their parts interchange with the KLX's, so you can sometimes find a savings there.
The bad part is all put together there are still about half as many Kawasaki's and Suzukis as either the red or the blue bikes