UFC 124 St. Pierre vs Koschek

GSP or Koschek - Who will win the fight?

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i voted Koscheck jsut cause im an American so i gotta root for the home team but if i had to put some money on it id prolly put it on GSP.

i sure hope koscheck wins tho GSP has been champ long enough.

Uh... Not sure who these guys are. :confused:

Don't follow th sport, per se. I do watch the fights now and again. However, did go to a couple of fights in Vegas when I lived there. It was some no kidding knock down, slugging fighting. Brutal. Not for wimps like me. I bruise too easy.
Thinking of getting this one:thinking: What a dick kos was on this season ultimate fighter:rant:If I see him walking the streets of fresno i think I will have to :gibbs: him. Yea right:shocked: