Two Wheels And An Electric Motor

No, not the new KTM, my Schwinn scooter. Laugh all you want biatches, this thing is fun. The Starbucks Harley boys at Venice beach get all pissed at me when the ladies ignore their $25,000 noise makers 'cuz they want to ride this bad boy.


It's the future, when they get the bugs worked out of the electric dirtbikes, I will be buying one.
Hey A2 how much are those?

A good quality model is around $300, but don't buy a new one, lots for sale used on Craigslist and yard sales. Get full suspension and mag wheels, the spokes snap easy, especially if you are a heavyweight. Changing the 12.5" tires is a bitch, probably worse than dirtbike tires.
Curry brand electric motors are the best to get, the batteries are good for about 500 recharges.
I bought mine for $40, at a yard sale, $80 for 2 new batteries, $20 for a rear mag. The handle folds down, so easy to transport in a car.
Seriously, this thing is a chick magnet, not quite as good as a puppy or a handful of 100 dollar bills, but it's up there.