Tools Tusk Mini Ratchet

Bought one of these, small and lightweight, figured it would be good in the tool pouch. Not impressed. Stripped the ratchet trying to undo a tight bolt. My solution was modifying a standard 1/4" ratchet by sawing off 2/3rds of the handle and filing smooth the cut. Basically the same size as the Tusk ratchet, but able to handle a lot more torque.
I believe Motion Pro has the same style of mini ratchet, not sure if it's better quality than the Tusk model.
got one of those when they had them on sale for $2 or something. So far it has been working OK. I've not tried it on anything tight though. It pretty much saved me when I had a carb jet come loose and fall out. It made the tight job of getting the carb float bowl screws out pretty easy.

It does seem cheap. I would not have it if it was not really inexpensive. I would never try to apply more than a few ft-lbs of torque with it. Maybe you got a bad one.