Tools Tusk Mega Tire Iron

First off, this is one big tire iron, I doubt you will be carrying this while riding. 17 inches long, feels like it weighs about 2 pounds. This sucker has no problem muscling off any tire, Maxxis, Teraflex, whatever.
Only drawback is the spoon is a little thick, kinda tough sliding it between the tire and rim, but works great in conjunction with a couple of smaller spoons.
Although it is technically a tire iron, it would make a great weapon, grab the spoon end and the aluminum handle would crack a skull like a ripe watermelon. Just F.Y.I. not advocating violence against anyone.....
I know there are those of you who can change a tire with 2 sticks and a used tampon, and it isn't a "must have", but Rocky Mountain sometimes puts this item on sale for about 10 bucks, and it does make tire changes a little easier.