Anybody else like to ride with their I-pod and some good tunes cranked? I ski and bike with em' too. I have programs saved for different types of riding....slow, technical riding tunes.... fast, gear-clicking tunes.

I took a spill one time and was lying on my back in the mud and my buddy comes over the hill and thought I was having a seizure because I was still jamming to a good tune!

The skid plate on my bike along with the shrouds from my A-Loop channel the engine noise directly into my brain so the ear buds protect me and....might as well listen to somethin', huh?

I lost my I-Pod two years ago when the batteries died and I didn't know it fell. I noticed it was gone when we came back from a ride. We were camped by Blow Sand Hill in Ocotillo Wells. The next day, I went out to look for it, (needle in the haystack) and actually found it sticking half buried in a dune at the Gas Domes, what, 15 miles away? What are the odds? :banana:
yeah me neither, i have to be able to hear my bike. i am working on a prototype speaker system for inside the helmet though :D that way i can have some 'background music' playing as i zip through the woods :thumb:
I tried riding street with the Ipod, but it bothered me too much. I like to hear my bike and I stay more focused without the music.
i like to jog with my phone while i listen to

I love the sound of my dirtbike way too much to be hampering that noise with silly things like tunes.

BTW if any of you are interested add me as a friend on its a great site to find new music or see what your buddy's listen to.
ear plugs?!?!!?! :shocked: ok...

as to those earphones being out for years... i seriously don't know how i missed them but they're pretty cool :thumb: exactly what i was planning on wiring together :noidea:
This is what I use on the trail...:thumb::

I have a few friends that ride with their ipods. They cant hear shit! They always need to stop and change something or the ear phones fall out. So, I started pretending like I didn't see them when they are waiving to get my attention to fix something. When I would finaly stop they would say, "dood didn't you see me waiving at you to stop?" and my reply would be no kinda like you can't hear me when I'm trying to tell you something about the obstacle ahead. Guess what, they eventually shut off the ipod and started paying attention to the trails.

So does that rank me right up there with timoyz :noidea: :smirk: