Other Ttr 225

I have a 2001 ttr 225 it stalled and won’t start! Does anyone have any suggestions? I changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, battery, and spark plug! idk what else to do


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It has plenty of gas and I’ve cleaned the carb a few time yes
Nice, have you cleaned all the jets individually in the carburetor and made sure the float needle was adjusted correctly?
Did you use compressed air or just carburetor cleaner on the carburetor body circuits?
What is the fuel screw set to?

Did you have spark with the new plug?
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Yes I cleaned the jets individually, don’t know how to adjust the float needle. Yes I used compressed air after cleaning the carb and idk what the fuel screw is set to or what it’s supposed to be set to


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Sounds like you've fixed everything. I'd check spark on the new plug!

The fuel screw, probably 2 turns out from lightly seated will get you in the right direction.
Float setting is something like this...