2 Stroke Trials tire on a cr250????

Well my cr needs a new tire. I like rocky riding and i have heard that trials tires dont wear out, But i also like to skid, be able to roost when i want to, and race some knobby class flattrack races. If not a trials tire i usally run maxxxis desert it hards and yes you need a hard tire here some of the dirt is as hard as asphalt. :ride:
Okay I haven't got to experiance one yet but I'm making the switch next spring. The trail guys here in Idaho swear by the trials tires. They are getting 3000 miles compared to 1000 miles on a knobby. Now here is what they warned me of. If you like to brake slide into corners and you like to roost alot you will tear up the trial tires and you won't like them. Basically if your really aggressive with them they say you tear them up. But if you are riding trails and rock they said you will be blown away by the amount of traction you can get. Even in the loose dirt that are normally on trails.
My dad is building acouple xr400's they get trials tires lol. I am really aggressive on the trails. i give everyone the standard 3 inches of space