Tools n'such

Shipping pad on the ground using your knees on one side of the tire to push the bead down into the groove of the rim. A stand? You guys need to get a hold of CDA.

Ive used an old 20 along metal trash can for years. It's what I keep all old rags in before the get so saturated and go to trash. Drape the bigger (towels) over the edges for softness, use my thighs for leverage and that is it. Breaking bead is easy, cold days suck! No bending over and working on ground or 5gl bucket. I'm only 5'7".
I bought the stand cause I don’t like bending over, and I use it for all sorts of tire related crap. Discs sprockets spokes bearings. Truck tailgate Steve? Isn’t it like 1° outside? Oh wait your truck probably fits in the garage. mine doesn’t I have too much shit

I don’t do much wrenching on the bikes between November and March, maybe if we get a warm spell and I’m in the mood I would. by the way , there is only room for my tools,the bikes and mama’s quad in the garage, no trucks.
Turf did you miss the tire hack or just don’t buy it?
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It works trust me! Squeeze the sidewall to break the bead and keeps in the well on install. I can install with 1 spoon
I totally missed that!
But, at the end of the day, this thing works great, just need to mount it to something solid. Easily worth the $55.00 price tag. Put two new fronts on the yz and the kx tonight, without an extra hand. One more and she's paid for. I'm not having any buyers remorse at all.
If y'all could drop a decent chunk of cash, say between 500-1000, on one tool for your shop, what would it be?

I'm thinking either a mini lathe or mill.
I haven't decided which one I might use more.
There are several for sale around this price range.