To Heck With This Cubicle, I'm Going Riding

After getting to the top, I headed down to to explore the valley floor. Stopped for a chow break where I busted out the jerky. Years back, I broke the addiction to this stuff, a while back on a ride with Rolls and Timo, Timo busted out the jerky and asked if I wanted some. I figured what harm would one piece do? Now I am back to buying it in bulk at Big Lots......

Keeping legal - as usual, no poaching for me

After getting back to camp and eating, I realized that it was absolutely perfect out, warm, no wind and almost a full moon. The beer drinking went on hold as I gassed up the bike and headed out for a night ride, and yes, it was great.

It was here that the batteries died in the camera, so that's it for now.
Good stuff Mr. Agent2. When did you go? Only in the 70's today. Getting much closer now to the cooler weather. Heat is all done within a month or so in the dez.:thumb:
I'm glad that I was an inspiration to you.:thumb:
Was this on weekday? That looks like weekday desert. Now I'm feeling inspired. :devil:
Whst a lovely time you must of had. Good idea to put the beers on hold and go back out. I love early evening with a brite moon. I like jerkey too!

Very nice:thumb: