Timos Random Picture/ Test Threadish

Why we are here. Still not ready to do actual work on that vehicle still in the process of setting up.


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I see the NASA guys flying in their T-38s around here all the time (I live by JSC), but I've never seen one up close. They do have a pair setup on display at the entrance of the visitor's center, but I'm always too busy watching traffic as I drive by to look at them.

Those fighter jets, the big fueling rigs, and the U2 spy plane all regularly blow their exhaust in my face. Getting tired of that part but not getting tired of seeing that big ass plane takeoff near vertical.
So wall I am up here in Sacramento I’ve been suckered into doing my daughters floors. Really only thought I was going to do the bathrooms with new toilets and then saw the laminate floors throughout the house and knew I couldn’t let her live with that crap



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