All Time for a Dusy Ershim ride

We can go all the way thru and make it a dual sport ride or we can go 1/2 and go back for a dirt bike ride. Start at top or bottom. Dont matter to me. Easier from the top, especially the first half. It is scheduled to be closed and only open in late Aug and Sept in the future if I remember right on the new FS plan. We can take packable fishing poles too, spend the nite and ride back, etc.

Who is in?
back from weekend at the lake....I have a wedding 9-11 and the next weekend 9-18 camping with family at Morro. So other dates are good for me as far as I know. I can say it louder IT CAN BE A HALF WAY IN N OUT FOR A DIRT BIKE RIDE. Or it can be a full loop dual ride. Will be tiring if we do the whole thing as it does have some nasty spots, but downhill is easier than uphill for sure.