Thinking of upgrading...

I aint scared of anything except dying a slow and painful death.
What I meant was I need to sell a few bikes first, make some $$$ and room in my garage. Got rid of one last night, just not the right one (82 KX80).
You can do better than 4k. At least around here you can. Although the bike selection is pretty thin these days, so the ones listed are higher than they should be, which has me thinking of letting one go just to cash in on the market. I’m thinking hard about the ‘19 kx450f. I’m wringing out the 250 last few rides and just punishing the little bugger. I like the weight and the easy start but with the button, and spring fork legs with a-kit goodies I’m seriously considering one for the track and use a 250 for the woods where the weight matters most.